• March 29, 1997, Athens, Seminar on: Language teaching: research and innovations.

• February 6, 1999, Patras, Seminar on: Reading and written expression in infancy and early childhood: research and applications.

• January 10-11, 2004, Rethymno, Crete, Leadership Seminar, and Seminar on: Reading and writing in preschool education: new methodological approaches.



• November 26-28, 1999, Patras, 1st Conference on: Literacy in the Balkans: current situation and plans for the future.

• November 1-2, 2002, Patras, 2nd Conference on: Literacy in the new millennium.

• July 1-2, 2004, Patras, 3rd Conference on: Writing and reading in early childhood.

• October 19-20, 2007, Rethymno, Crete, 4th Conference on: Emerging literacy: research and applications.

• November 13-14, 2009, Patras, 5th Conference on: Writing and scriptures in the 20th century.

• 22-24 May 2015, Rethymnon Crete, 6th Conference on: Literacy in a changing world: new challenges in education.